Chezzi Cohen Campus

Chezzi Cohen Campus

The Chezzi Cohen campus is located in Kiryat Yaarim, on the outskirts of Abu Gush, and includes the children’s boarding school, a special education school where the children study, and a dynamic rehabilitative-therapeutic program.

The campus, which moved to its current location in 2009 from its previous residence in Beit Vegan in Jerusalem, is immersed in greenery, with spacious living quarters, lawns, playgrounds, therapy and occupational therapy rooms, a library, art and music rooms, a therapeutic living area, ornamental gardens, and a therapeutic garden.

In 2022, approximately a year after his passing, the campus was named after the late Dr. Chezzi Cohen, who managed the Children’s Home for nearly forty years and developed our therapeutic approach, “Therapy in Life Space,” which we still use to this day.

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