Our Awake Overnight Counselors supervise and deal with any problems that arise through the night. Like most children, the ones on our campus sometimes have difficulty sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night. However, due to the trauma they have suffered and their fragile psychological states, they are more prone to nightmares, night terrors, bed-wetting, and sleep disturbances than other children. Each of our eight units has one awake overnight counselor, with a ninth roaming between units, available should the need arise.  Our counselors receive special training to be able to respond to and prevent these difficult situations.

בית הילדים הרי ירושלים - הפנימייה

Alternative Therapies

This includes Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Crafts Therapy, Bibliotherapy, and Animal-Assisted Therapy. These alternative therapies, tailored to the unique needs of each child, enable the children to explore difficult emotions in an intuitive, non-verbal way.

Therapeutic External Activities

This program offers a variety of therapeutic activities for children aged 12-15, such as Dog Training Therapy, Swimming, Photography, Cooking, Basketball, Football, and more. These external activities facilitate healing through non-verbal expression and provide the children with opportunities to excel.

Life Skills

The goal of this program is to teach and provide the boys and girls in our care the basic skills that are needed for living independently so that when they graduate, they can reintegrate into Israeli society without difficulties. These skills include basic hygiene, self-defense, and basic cooking, and for older children; managing a bank account, grocery shopping, and taking public transportation.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Each year at the Children’s Home approximately 15 boys and girls celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and they wait in great anticipation for their turn to celebrate this joyous occasion. The project, which takes place over an entire year, includes training for reading the Torah portion and being called up to the Torah at the synagogue, new clothes, and a festive dinner for family and guests (whenever possible) together with the children and staff. And everything is provided by the Jerusalem Hills.

bar mizva

Sexual Abuse Prevention

Due to their upbringings, the children in our care are more at risk of being involved in sexual abuse whether as victims or offenders. The program we developed involves different theoretical approaches and methods for caregivers, teachers, social workers, and psychologists who work as an integrative team with the children.

Empowerment Program for Young Teen Girls

Through this program, we empower teen girls to bring about change in three main areas: Control, Connection, and Meaning. Every aspect of the program is designed for them to move beyond the traumatic experiences of their childhood and in doing so, facilitate healing from their severe emotional and psychological disorders. The program includes psychological therapy and physical activities, with an emphasis on body image and self-esteem.

בית הילדים הרי ירושלים - הילדים

Vacation Group

Unfortunately, approximately one-third of the children in our care do not have a viable, safe, home or family to go to during school holidays and weekend vacations. To ensure their safety, our Children’s Home operates 365 days a year and invests a lot of thought and effort to provide them with a supportive and positive experience on campus, as they watch their peers go home. Vacation Groups consist of additional therapeutic support and a variety of fun recreational activities, both on and off campus.

Family Therapy and Rehabilitation Program

The aim of our family support program is to address the parents’ needs directly, to help them come to terms with the placement of their child in a residential treatment setting, to develop tools that will help them cope with the grave and difficult issues in their own lives, and to facilitate the rehabilitation of the parent-child relationship with the hope of reinstating as much as possible a functioning family environment. The program includes a weekly visit from parents, meeting with their dedicated social worker, bi-annual Parent’s Day – a full day of activities to build trust between all the people involved in the child’s rehabilitation and well-being, Parent Group Therapy, and a Parent’s Room on campus for privacy. It also includes staff enrichment programs and home visits by our social workers and other staff members to the family’s home.

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