Therapy and Training Center

The Jerusalem Hills Therapy and Training Center

The Jerusalem Hills Treatment and Training Center provides a broad range of quality mental health services to the public. It houses two main objectives: One is the outpatient clinic for therapy and counseling, and the second is training courses and seminars for professionals in the field.

The Center was established in 1999 and is based on the body of psychoanalytic knowledge on child development, adolescence, and parenting, which has been learned from the treatment of children and teenagers at the Jerusalem Hills over the years. 

The staff at the center combines a family and systemic perspective, allowing them to help children and families in complex mental situations with an integrated and broad approach. The goal of the center is to offer therapeutic treatment to the wider community with top-quality care and affordable rates, to allow anyone who needs to use its services.

The center works in collaboration with public health funds, social services, and various boarding schools, educational institutions, and emergency centers.

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