“It is not just an ordinary treatment center but a place where we try to find the answers to the riddles of the wound in the soul of each individual child sent to us."

Gerard Pulver
Psychoanalyst, and Former Executive Director


The Children’s Home campus resides in the Jerusalem Hills just off Highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It accommodates close to 100 boys and girls from ages six to fifteen years, divided into two age groups: The Elementary Unit for children aged six to eleven, and the Junior Unit for those aged 12 to 15 years.

There are eight units, each made up of 12 children, who remain together for their stay of approximately four years. Each unit has a dedicated professional team consisting of a coordinator, several child-care counselors, teachers, social workers, psychologists and specialized therapists, and volunteers.

Within each unit, the children live, study, and play together. They are designed to provide both private and communal spaces where the children can enjoy one-on-one interactions with the staff while developing self-confidence and independence. Through their daily interactions, they learn the responsibility, cooperation, and other social skills necessary for reconciliation with their families and integration into the general community.

In addition to bedrooms with attached private bathrooms and shower, each unit has a computer-equipped club room, a communal play area outfitted with DVD and music sound system, quarters for the on-duty counselor, and a kitchen and dining room where children and staff prepare and eat the evening meal together as one family. Twice a day all children and staff come together in the main dining hall for breakfast and lunch. The children enjoy the campus’s beautiful dining hall, playground, soccer field, and basketball court.

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