The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers

For over 80 years, the Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers has been changing the lives of thousands of at-risk boys and girls, providing them with the love, care, independence, and maturity needed for successful integration into society and a better, brighter future.

Therapy in Life Space

Jerusalem Hills responds to the needs of the at-risk children and adolescents that arrive at our facilities, with our unique long-term relationship-based treatment program. This program, Therapy in Life Space, is centered upon the development of a one-on-one relationship between the child and the caregiver, and the careful integration of the child’s family into the healing process.

The Children’s Home campus resides in the Jerusalem Hills just off Highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It accommodates close to 100 boys and girls from ages six to fifteen years, divided into two age groups: The Elementary Unit for children aged six to eleven, and the Junior Unit for those aged 12 to 15 years.

The Jerusalem Hills Treatment and Training Center provides a broad range of quality mental health services to the public. It houses two main objectives: One is the outpatient clinic for therapy and counseling, and the second is training courses and seminars for professionals in the field.

Partners and Volunteers



In order to give our children the best possible care, we rely heavily on your donations. Donations are given to both important projects and day-to-day operations.

*The donation is recognized for tax purposes according to section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance


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