our Vision

The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers was founded in 1943, and for 80+ years has been changing the lives of thousands of at-risk boys and girls, providing them with the independence and maturity needed for a successful integration into society and a better future.

At the Chezzi Cohen Children’s Home, next to Abu Gosh, our children receive unique therapeutic treatment and special education, tailored to the needs of each individual boy or girl. The Home cares for approximately 100 of Israel’s most at-risk children and provides a wide variety of specialist therapeutic treatments that are tailored to each child’s specific needs. The children come from all sectors of Israeli society but they have one thing in common: each of them is a victim of emotional, sexual, or physical abuse; neglect; rejection, or abandonment.

At the Treatment and Training Center in Jerusalem, we offer high-quality therapeutic and professional services to children and their families in the wider community. Additionally, we provide training programs to psychologists, social workers, and therapists based on our dynamic treatment methods and decades of experience.

Every child has his own unique story and leaves his own unique fingerprint in this world.

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