The School

Due to the severity of their psychological disorders, our children cannot attend mainstream schools and instead, Jerusalem Hills provides an on-campus Ministry of Education-approved Special Education School which caters to their unique needs. This also allows for the teachers to be in frequent contact with the children’s care workers and psychologists. This collaboration and communication are necessary to our treatment philosophy which integrates therapy into every aspect of a child’s care.

School studies take place in small classes with a staff made up of three special education teachers and one assistant per every unit of 12 children. The teachers remain with the group for the duration of their 4-year stay at the Home, providing the children with the consistency that allows them to develop the bonds necessary for successful learning. The high staff-to-pupil ratio allows the children to receive the individual attention they so desperately need.

In addition, the school staff includes art, drama, and animal therapists, occupational therapists, sports education, and music classes.

The school has an impressive library and a bibliotherapy program designed to encourage curiosity, self-expression, research skills, and above all, a love of reading. Each week, students have a reading hour where they are exposed to a wide variety of literary works. Once a year, the students will read the books of a famous children’s author and have the honor of meeting them and learning about their writing style.

The Jerusalem Hills Special Education School is recognized by the Ministry of Environment as a Green School and environmental education has always been a part of the school curriculum. The children learn about recycling and put it into action with their arts and crafts projects made from recycled goods, they are responsible for separating waste into plastics and paper and they take care of the vegetable garden in the side yard of the campus. 

Music studies and the choir are another unique project at the school. In the choir, the children learn to sing and play, and even compose original songs together with their music teacher. Some children learn to play different instruments, like the drums, guitar, and piano. The choir performs at school gatherings and events and even participates in the yearly choir conference for regular education schools. The choir is very excited to perform in this annual event and the entire school is very proud.

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